Selling aircraft is our passion! When it comes to buying or selling aircraft, you will find that we are a reliable and professional partner who lives their passion for flying every single day. We have gained a great deal of expertise in the industry over decades. Selling or buying aircraft can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. We specialise in buying, selling and brokering aircraft and take the workload off you for these processes. Trust in our many years of experience.

We look forward to receiving your order!


Do you want to sell your plane? At invaero we will buy your aircraft, whichever model it is, including everything from business jets to turbo props (single and multi-engine). We are able to accept your aircraft without having to immediately find an end buyer and will make you an adequate offer. Let us take the time-consuming work off you. Benefit from our extensive knowledge in the aircraft industry and aircraft sales and purchases. With us, you can expect sheer service excellence. Don’t miss out on our advice!


We will sell your aircraft! We ensure that every aircraft is securely brokered and sold on your behalf. In the aircraft sales segment, we offer you a variety of different services and take the workload off you. Leave all the formalities to us – we will take care of the professional preparation of the exposé, the valuation in line with the market and the preparation of the offer as well as the inspection of your aircraft. We will also contact prospective buyers, support you in contract negotiations and the sale including all documents. And we do all of this in such a way that you are involved only as much as you want to be. We always inform you transparently; however, we can also ensure that you do not have to deal with anything else and your aircraft will be brokered to a new buyer without any complications.


Looking for your dream plane? Then stop by our aircraft marketplace where you will find current aircraft models from various manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper, Pilatus, Cirrus and many more. But not only that: our team will provide you with professional advice and support during the entire aircraft purchase process, from the search to inspection and purchase. So that you always feel outstandingly well looked after, we adapt each step of the sales process to your personal situation. Make your dream of flying come true! Benefit from our wide network, our years of expertise in the aircraft trade and find the right aircraft model for your purposes.


  • Requirements and wishes: We determine a suitable model within your budget and in line with the intended use.
  • Pre-purchase inspection: We provide you with technical details and equipment documents for your preferred model.
  • Purchases: We buy your aircraft without you having to commit yourself to buying another model.
  • Sales: With us, you will find your new, personal model for business or private use, with all the documentation and prepared on a first-class basis.
  • Maintenance and repairs: We access a network of partners whom we trust and we make contact for you.
  • Viewing: If you would like to view potential models in advance, we are available to you in person for any questions you may have. You are welcome to talk to us.


  • PC 12 Jet
  • PC 24 Jet


  • CJ 1 Jet
  • CJ 2 Jet
  • CJ 3 Jet
  • CJ 4 Jet

Cessna Caravan

  • 208 Turboprop
  • 208 B Turboprop
  • 208B-EX Turboprop


  • M500 Turboprop
  • 2M600 Turboprop

Daher Socata

  • TBM-700 Turboprop
  • TBM-850 Turboprop
  • TBM-900 Serie Turboprop


  • E1000 GX


  • Challenger 604 Jet
  • Challenger 605 Jet


  • SR 22 T


  • Phenum 100 Jet
  • Phenum 300 Jet

Lear Jet

  • Lear Jet 45
  • Lear Jet 45 XR
  • Lear Jet 75